“(Our) students witnessed one of the most compelling assembly presentations ever experienced… (it) moved students and staff to tears. I have never seen such a tribute in my thirty years of education.”
Salvatore Randazzo
Principal, Cheshire H.S.

“Your story really taught me a lot (and) inspired me not to drink and to avoid peer pressure.”

Ryan Heinig
Student, Jenkintown H.S.

"One day, when you get to heaven . . . angels will be able to tell you that (because of your story) you saved their life." Student, Mize High School, MS.

"We can safely say that many young people are alive today because of Brandon's good work."  John J. Ring MD, Past President American Medical Association

Welcome to Make the Right Choice

Make the Right Choice is one of the most inspiring and compelling programs dealing with the consequences of teen drinking and driving.

Brandon Silveria, who crashed his car after drinking at age 17 and is now  permanently disabled, and his father, Tony, tour America’s schools to educate students, teachers and parents (over two million to date) about the dangers of underage drinking. Despite his permanent and visible speech and walking disabilities, Brandon delivers a compelling message to teens about the dangers of drinking and driving. A pin-drop can be heard in high school auditoriums when Brandon is at the podium. Brandon’s proactive efforts to educate teens and encourage responsible decisions continue to make an impact at schools across the country.

The Brandon Foundation is a non-profit organization that is used for fund-raising.

Brandon Tells His Story
Shortly before his prom at Los Gatos High School, 17 year-old Brandon Silveria was involved in a near-fatal crash after drinking a couple of beers at a high school party.  Brandon awakened from a coma three months after the accident and spent another three years in painful rehabilitation, Brandon has elected to share his story so others won’t make the same mistake.
After Brandon's story was featured on an episode of the television show "Rescue: 911," Brandon and Tony were introduced to The Century Council, a non-profit organization.  dedicated to fighting drunk driving and underage drinking. The Council, headquartered in Washington, D.C., develops and implements innovative programs and public awareness campaigns and promotes action through strategic partnerships about responsible decision-making regarding drinking alcohol. With the assistance of organizations like The Century Council Tony and Brandon now speak nationwide.

To extend the reach of the program, a 30-minute video and student activity guide was created called "Brandon Tells His Story".  The video won a FREDDIE at the American Medical Association's International Health and Medical Film Competition and a "Chris" at the Columbus, Ohio International Film & Video Festival, which recognizes achievement in educational and documentary film and video. Order the video for use in your school.

Brandon reached his one-millionth student at his hometown high school, Los Gatos High, when he also received an honorary high school diploma.  He continues to reach out to students across the country and will soon reach his  3-Millionth student.

Results: Brandon's message helps students make the right choice.

Of 1,628 students responding to informal, confidential surveys after viewing the video, approximately 17 percent said they had driven after drinking. Of this group, 84 percent said they are less likely to do so again after hearing Brandon's story. Another 32 percent said that they had ridden with a friend who had been drinking. Of this group, 74 percent said that they are less likely to drink and drive or ride with a driver who had been drinking after hearing Brandon.

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